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Today in British Museum, the sky will remain very cloudy.
Temperatures will vary between 18 and 23°C.
The reliability of the situation is very good.

9:00 to 12:00

Very cloudy
19° Feels Like 18°
Gusts 25 km/h W 10 km/h
Very cloudy sky with short sunny periods.
No risk of rain
UV index 4 Moderate

This afternoon

Very cloudy
23° Feels Like 23°
Gusts 25 km/h W 10 km/h
Several clouds, but also several good sunny periods.
No risk of rain
UV index 5 Moderate

This evening

Alternating sunshine and cloud
20° Feels Like 18°
Gusts 30 km/h W 10 km/h
Clear periods and passing clouds, sometimes heavy.
No risk of rain
UV index 1 Low


Slightly cloudy
14° Feels Like 13°
Gusts 20 km/h Calm
Good weather with few clouds.
No risk of rain


Sunday 21 july

  • Day
    -3 min
  • Full
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Lawrence of Brindisi

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