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Weather Providenciales

United Kingdom (Turks and Caicos Islands)
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Today's Forecast

This afternoon in Providenciales, Changeable skies with risk of storms. Light showers progressively becoming less frequent.
The reliability of the situation is good.

This afternoon

Showers or stormy rain
31° Feels Like 39°
E 30 km/h
Long sunny periods, with a risk of changing to thundery weather.
Gradually fading light showers.
Risk of rain 50 %

This evening

Slightly cloudy
26° Feels Like 23°
E 40 km/h
Good weather with few clouds.
Aucun risque de pluie


Alternating sunshine and cloud, with a tendency to storms
26° Feels Like 24°
E 40 km/h
Long clear periods, with a risk of changing to thundery weather.
Risk of showers.
Risk of rain 35 %

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