Weather Ardabil

Iran (Ardabil Province)
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Today's Forecast

Today in Ardabil, high humidity will give rise to unsettled weather in the early part of the day.
The reliability of the situation is good.

This morning

Rain becoming less frequent, or showers
Feels Like 6°
NE 10 km/h
Overcast sky becoming unsettled.
Drizzle clearing gradually.
Risk of rain 50 %

This afternoon

Sunny periods
14° Feels Like 18°
NE 20 km/h
Light passing clouds that do not affect the sunny weather.
Risk of showers.
Risk of rain 45 %

This evening

Very cloudy
Feels Like 6°
NE 20 km/h
Several clouds, but also several good clear periods.
Risk of showers.
Risk of rain 40 %


Light rain
Feels Like 4°
N 10 km/h
Overcast and misty. Limited visibility.
Light rain.
Risk of rain 80 %

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