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Weather Serampore

India (West Bengal)
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Today's Forecast

Encore quelques averses et coups de tonnerre sur les Alpes du sud. Ailleurs, il fait très chaud, mais le temps est sec.

This afternoon

Showers or stormy rain
32° Feels Like 41°
SE 10 km/h
Very cloudy with a risk of outbreaks of thunder.
A few showers.
Risk of rain 55 %

This evening

Alternating sunshine and cloud, with a tendency to storms
27° Feels Like 31°
S 10 km/h
Long clear periods, with a risk of changing to thundery weather.
Risk of showers at the start of the evening.
Risk of rain 35 %


Rain or stormy rain
26° Feels Like 30°
E 10 km/h
Decreasing thunderstorm activity.
Showers spaced out over the hours.
Risk of rain 50 %

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